2016-06-02: Tailor-made courses on frequenzy converters

A content bunch of service technicians left the Myrén & Co building after a full days course on frequency converters. During the course they went through montage and start-ups of frequency converters, problematics and solutions for bearing currents, belt drives and more...


Tools & tricks

2016-05-30: New web tool for configuring AC motors

Sicme Motori has developed a useful web-based tool to help you identify the best AC solution for your needs.

The Italian “Configuratore” is available in plain English. It is rapid to use and learn, while it gives the options for accessories and personal comments. In the end it generates a complete data sheet (downloadable PDF) with the unit’s basic data as well as your add-ons.




A little less conversation, a little more action

Tailor-made courses, customized to fit your needs. Get in touch with us and we'll have a talk about course contents.


Technical sales

Bearings and components for different types of applications

Electric motors, frequenzy converters, drives, gears, transmissions, clutches, bearings, tools for alignment and more..


Energy optimization

High performance at a low total cost

We perform mappings and analysis of your application and can swiftly find areas for optimizations.